Camp Journal: Fall FIRE!

One of the most exciting events is our Fall FIRE! retreat for Senior High youth groups.  This year was our second retreat, which took place over MEA weekend.  We saw close to 100 students and leaders come to meet with God at Camp Lebanon and bond closer together as a youth group, heading into the next school year. … More Camp Journal: Fall FIRE!


Camp Journal: Father-Daughter Home Run!

Horse rides at sunrise, Wiffleball games, adventure hikes with dad, the last swim of the summer, and a sports-themed banquet – sometimes we wonder how we can possibly fit all of these fun things in to our Father-Daughter Retreat!  This retreat was such a joy to experience with all of these dads and daughters (& grandpas!).   … More Camp Journal: Father-Daughter Home Run!

Camp Journal: Our Awesome Summer Staff!

For all the 2017 Camp Lebanon Summer Staff, these songs are some of the most memorable sounds of the summer.  Through countless Na Nas and Pharaoh Pharaohs, this amazing team of young men and women strove to further the mission of Camp Lebanon by providing campers with a Meeting Place with God, week in and week out.   … More Camp Journal: Our Awesome Summer Staff!


Camp Journal: Falling for FALL!

Summer is a busy time of year, but our fall season changes things up by offering loads of weekend programmed events that keep our staff on their toes.  There is something for EVERYONE this fall – women, men, kids, seniors, youth groups, and quilters!  … More Camp Journal: Falling for FALL!


Camp Journal: Praise the Lord for a GREAT Summer 2017!

What an amazing SUMMER!  God is so good, and Summer 2017 was one of the best ever.  We had over 1700 campers here this summer, and our prayer is that each one left knowing their Creator God a little bit better! Our theme this summer was GAME ON! We talked about being ready to live … More Camp Journal: Praise the Lord for a GREAT Summer 2017!


Camp Journal: Campfire

Of all the traditions at Camp Lebanon, perhaps the most loved of the summer camp traditions is the end of the week campfire out at Bass Point.  The campfire is a great send-off to the week – an opportunity for campers and staff to reflect on all that they have learned and all the fun they have had.   … More Camp Journal: Campfire


Camp Journal: Adventure is Out There!

There’s nothing quite so fun as spending time with your cabin group every day! We love it so much that we even schedule in special times for cabins to have adventures together!  Going to camp is all about adventure – for some it is their first week away from home, first time at camp, or … More Camp Journal: Adventure is Out There!