Camp Journal: Happy New YAR!

Celebrating the New Year at Camp Lebanon?  What could be better?

More Camp Journal: Happy New YAR!


Camp Journal: Golf Swings, Trap Shoots, and ManTalks!

If there is one thing that defines Men’s Retreat at Camp Lebanon, it is the Funnest Fun! These guys really know how to make the most of their time at Camp, from heading out to the Albany golf course, trap shooting at Bass Point, or challenging each other to a game of horse-shoes.  … More Camp Journal: Golf Swings, Trap Shoots, and ManTalks!

Camp Journal: Father-Daughter Home Run!

Horse rides at sunrise, Wiffleball games, adventure hikes with dad, the last swim of the summer, and a sports-themed banquet – sometimes we wonder how we can possibly fit all of these fun things in to our Father-Daughter Retreat!  This retreat was such a joy to experience with all of these dads and daughters (& grandpas!).   … More Camp Journal: Father-Daughter Home Run!


2017 Men’s Retreat – Meet the Speakers!

2017 Men’s Retreat speakers at Camp Lebanon. … More 2017 Men’s Retreat – Meet the Speakers!


Camp Journal: Falling for FALL!

Summer is a busy time of year, but our fall season changes things up by offering loads of weekend programmed events that keep our staff on their toes.  There is something for EVERYONE this fall – women, men, kids, seniors, youth groups, and quilters!  … More Camp Journal: Falling for FALL!


UPDATE: Funnest Bracket Challenge

The first round of the Camp Lebanon Funnest Fun Bracket Challenge is in the books and 32 of Camp’s favorite summer things have been narrowed down to 16!  Winners of first round head-to-head matchups were determined based on a vote.  Votes were cast by those submitting a bracket in this year’s competition.  77 people are … More UPDATE: Funnest Bracket Challenge


“Imitating My Hero” – Bobber Bill

Sometime in October of 1965, as the Minnesota Twins were battling the LA Dodgers in the World Series, my love for baseball was born. The recollections of a seven-year-old are quite foggy, for sure, but with the help of a sports-crazy neighbor named George, I became hooked on the game for life. Memories from my … More “Imitating My Hero” – Bobber Bill