Camp Journal: A Note from Colorado

We love getting notes from friends and hearing about their experiences at Camp Lebanon! We were overjoyed to hear about this Colorado family’s experience with planning their own little getaway in our log cottages! … More Camp Journal: A Note from Colorado


Camp Journal: Father-Daughter Home Run!

Horse rides at sunrise, Wiffleball games, adventure hikes with dad, the last swim of the summer, and a sports-themed banquet – sometimes we wonder how we can possibly fit all of these fun things in to our Father-Daughter Retreat!  This retreat was such a joy to experience with all of these dads and daughters (& grandpas!).   … More Camp Journal: Father-Daughter Home Run!

Camp Journal: Falling for FALL!

Summer is a busy time of year, but our fall season changes things up by offering loads of weekend programmed events that keep our staff on their toes.  There is something for EVERYONE this fall – women, men, kids, seniors, youth groups, and quilters!  … More Camp Journal: Falling for FALL!


Camp Journal: The World Awaits!

What a wonderful world it is, and what fun it was to explore with moms and daughters over this past weekend!  We traveled all over the globe, from France to Tanzania, and learned all about missions and the different needs in those cultures.  In chapels, we learned about God’s power, and how He is working … More Camp Journal: The World Awaits!