Camp Journal: A Thanksgiving Message from Bobber Bill


happy thanksgiving 2018

Let’s have some holiday fun! How many words can you make using only the letters in the phrase “Happy Thanksgiving!” Hint: There are 21 two-letter words and 3 with eleven! (Answer below)

Unlike the words hidden in this famous greeting, God packed 2017 with an incalculable collection of blessings! Celebrating 70 years of ministry, we were privileged to serve a record 10,800+ year-round guests in 50 Camp-programmed and 61 guest group events. Thanks to the efforts of amazing volunteers and a dedicated year-round team, Camp witnessed scores of youth, families, and adults eternally impacted by the love and life of Christ!

Camp was also blessed through the generosity of many friends, some giving monthly, others making a first-time donation, and several making a final contribution through their estate. As a result, $187,011 in improvements were completed, highlighted by the new wiffleball stadium (so cool!), a beautiful open air gazebo, and a rebuilt Scandinavia deck. Thanks to all who joined hands and hearts with us this year! And praise Almighty God from Whom all blessings flow!

This HAPPY THANKSGIVING weekend, I encourage you to make your own list of blessings. While you’re at it, see if you can find all 845 of those hidden words! God bless one and all!

“Bobber Bill” Abeler and the Camp Lebanon Staff


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