Camp Journal: A Note from Colorado

We love getting notes from friends and hearing about their experiences at Camp Lebanon! We were overjoyed to hear about this Colorado family’s experience with planning their own little getaway in our log cottages! It’s further evidence God uses this place to encourage, refresh, and meet with people. What a privilege to be used as a part His story!

A Note from Colorado

“Where our family lives in Colorado, people from all around the country converge in the growing city of Denver. So many people I’ve met have roots in Minnesota! I’ve seen their nostalgic photos of family and friends at “the lake.” Children exuberantly leap into crystal water from a quaint wooden dock, the likes of which those of us out west have only seen in commercial ads depicting idyllic scenes of summer bliss. I found myself wishing I had those ties, some friends with a place on a lake and a piece this Americana! I whispered that desire of my heart to God in prayer, as a child expresses a little request to her parent. And as parents want good things for their children, so too, He does for us!

“Our last minute, end-of-summer trip to the cottage at Camp Lebanon came together seamlessly.  Even though some questioned whether the long drive was worth it, the entire visit turned out to be an embrace from Christ!  While we encountered the beauty of His creation in a landscape so different from home, He also loved us through the hospitality we were treated to by the kind people of Camp Lebanon who made us feel right at home.


“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” 

~Matthew 11:28

Living as a family in the world but not of the world is a vocation that requires perseverance and sacrifice.  We were renewed by rest, able to revel with the children in fishing and boating and even a zip line! Ordinarily these can require expensive gear and be difficult to coordinate, and remain only dreams for families like ours. Thanks to Camp Lebanon’s ministry, these dreams come true with ease. The funnest fun was found around every corner, chances to laugh and play while learning new games together and with others. We look back at the pictures with full hearts.

“Now we can say that we, too, have friends in Minnesota!  Thanks for showing God’s love for our family this summer through the cottage rental ministry, Camp Lebanon!”

– Meghan and Brian DeLauro and Family



If you would like to set up your own getaway at Camp Lebanon, head to our rentals page!

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