Camp Journal: Fall FIRE!


One of the most exciting events is our Fall FIRE! retreat for Senior High youth groups.  This year was our second retreat, which took place over MEA weekend.  We saw close to 100 students and leaders come to meet with God at Camp Lebanon and bond closer together as a youth group, heading into the next school year.

A highlight of these retreats so far has been the Raging Fire Challenges.  Each group gets to concoct one challenge for every other team to meet.  This year’s challenges were so creative and fun!  It is always so exciting to see what these groups of Senior Highers come up with each time!

Fall FIRE! is a great opportunity for Senior High youth groups to grow closer together and build a community.  Our speaker, Gretchen Luedtke, focused on four elements of a fire (Build it. Light it. Feel it. Feed it.) and how those apply to our faith.  Alongside the teaching time, Gretchen made sure to give groups time to engage with each other about the chapel topic and to really grow closer to each other in discussion.

A highlight of the retreat was the final Q & A session, where the Senior Highers asked Gretchen any question that came to mind.  Gretchen then turned it around and had groups circle up.  Leaders in those groups answered a series of questions about their lives and their faith walk.  It was so encouraging to see groups hearing about the journey that their leaders are taking with Jesus, and to see them applying those experiences to their own lives.

We had a great second year of Fall FIRE! and we can’t wait to see these groups (and more!) back next year for another epic weekend!


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