Camp Journal: Golf Swings, Trap Shoots, and ManTalks!


If there is one thing that defines Men’s Retreat at Camp Lebanon, it is the Funnest Fun! These guys really know how to make the most of their time at Camp, from heading out to the Albany golf course, shooting trap at Bass Point, or challenging each other to a game of horseshoes.  Free times during Men’s Retreat are almost as exciting and busy as a afternoon Free Time during summer camp!


This was our second year with the format of “MAN TALKS,” with the focus this year being on “The Tension.”  8 different speakers from all different ages and walks of life took 15 minutes on stage (similar to the TED Talk format) and spoke on different topics relating to the tension that men experience in every day life as believers.

You can visit our YouTube channel to view the ManTalks from our 2017 retreat!  All 8 are available in full, along with the application questions and further resources in the video descriptions!

As with every event and guest group weekend at Camp Lebanon, our goal is to provide a meeting place with God and an opportunity to rest and refresh.  We truly enjoyed seeing all of these men breaking out of their daily routines to come and hit the “reset button” on their lives, just for a weekend!  The friendships and bonds that are formed during weekends like this can be life-long, and we hope that the men who came can bring what they learned and experienced into their day-to-day lives and back to their church.

For more pictures from the retreat, head to our Facebook page for the Men’s Retreat photo album!

If you haven’t had enough of men’s events at Camp Lebanon, our second event – Men’s Advance – is not too far away!  Mark your calendars for Spring, 2018 – April 6-7 (8), and join us for this weekend of intense bible study and fellowship.

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